Arts and Crafts Hub

Art Centre/Gallery/Shop/Cafe

Art & Craft Centre filled with unique work of local artisans for sale to the public. Regular demonstrations and workshops, inviting visitors & locals to learn new skills.
Housed in a vacant building in a prominent place for passing trade, at a peppercorn rent or a rent payable via a percentage of sales per month? (I know of a perfect building!)
The gallery-shop would be manned on an equal rota-system split between all exhibiting artists.
With the addition of a cafe space, it would become a thriving, dynamic hub for the community, & an atmospheric place for visitors to enjoy.
There is such an art and craft collective at the moment without a venue. Between us, we have a high standard of unique, & affordable work, skills to create an attractive space, & to run advertising and promotional campaigns.

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8 comments on “Arts and Crafts Hub

  1. A number of empty churches could be used for this type of enterprise, particularly the West Cliff Congregational church.

  2. I completely agree that we should have a arts and crafts area because all children care about is playing at the parks and with there toys but if they want to be an artist when they grow up they could be spending there time doing art.But I am not trying to say that children are not allowed to go to the park because they are so what I am trying to say is that it would be fun and exciting for the young ones

  3. I accept the arts and crafts hub because there would be a better place for children to go instead of parks and I am not saying that children are not allowed to go to parks anymore but I just think that it would be fun to do both but obviously after this pandemic that we are all stuck in at the moment

  4. I feel like artists and crafters do not have many places to go to let out their talent or build passion for their talent so that is why we need and arts/crafts hub

  5. What is happening with the Market Hall on the East Side of town? Is that a venue in use? I have always wondered who owned it. I might well be out of touch with the local goings on these days due to ill health, but last time I looked it didn’t appear to be in use, but that was a while ago. I remember it as a lovely shop years ago and it is quite roomy.

  6. I think that this is a great idea. Whitby has lots of artists who would benefit from a dedicated and supported venue such as this. It could also help to develop the town by increasing the number of artistic people who visit. The town could offer holidays and courses attracting a different type of visitor.

  7. I think there are a lot of artists and crafters in the town who would find this idea extremely useful as a way of promoting their craft/art and as a point of sale.

  8. I fully support an arts and crafts centre for workshops and sales of local art. I am a full time self employed artist and would welcome this initiative.

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