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There are a few good ideas in the list (public tranport enhancements, cultural facilities and market town regeneration) , but the key issue for me is that the ‘community’ should make the decision rather than the ‘Councils’ who will only waste the money on more housing/more roundabouts/more Southwater/etc. So the panel should choose around 10 key schemes and then put them to an online vote of residents to choose around 5 big schemes to regenerate and boost the area.

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3 comments on “Ask the people

  1. Fully agree – Looking at the original ‘Town Deal’ documents from the Government it does state that the regeneration projects should be community lead! (not selected by the Council).

  2. Completely agree – Don’t allow this funding anywhere near the Council as they will only waste it on Southwater and the new ‘Station Quarter’ white elephant! We need to use this important funding to really regenerate our historic market towns with major investment on real town centres. Wellington for example is in desperate need of a make-over and not more housing!!

  3. That’s a democratic way to prioritise projects and gives ‘ownership’ of the projects to the people rather than a panel or councillors. Personally I would like to see some cultural facilities – art gallery/museum (outside of Ironbridge say in Wellington) and some public transport enhancements.

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