Avenue of Remembrance

The road is largely single carriageway and the traffic problems are ever growing, but the road looks wide enough for three lanes; I saw this in Cardiff where there are regular gantries above the road with changeable green arrows and red X’s above the three lanes, which dictate what lanes can be driven in. These could be setup so that the morning rush from the A12 into the town centre (eastwards) can get two lanes/dual carriageway, and the evening rush the other way (westwards) can also get two lanes when the demand requires so.

Also worth noting that to ensure safety between transitions, the central lane should be X’d for around a minute to ensure no high speed head-on RTC’s. Another point to consider is that cameras can be fitted to this and you could fine people who don’t comply with the lane regulations, as they could cause a fatal accident.

I believe this would help Colchester’s ever growing traffic issues, as the Avenue of Remembrance is a busy main road from the A12.

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