Beach/ promenade

Improve the beach car park and put facilities there (eg toilets) and fund repairs to the steps/ breakwater so that access to the sandy beach can be restored. This would enable newhaven to benefit from a degree of tourism.

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7 comments on “Beach/ promenade

  1. The answer to these problems lies in the hands of the Marina Developers. Sussex Express headline recently ONE HUNDRED MILLION POUNDS developing the Marina. How about some of that to construct the footpath AND repair and maintain the wall and steps round the Sand Beach so it can be accessible again as it was for well over a century.

  2. The beach is never going to open. It’s owned by the French and will cost £millions to sort out. Sorry to be negative, but it’s never going to happen.


    This stretch of Fort Road has no pavement on either side. There is a fairly sharp blind bend near Mariners Wharf Flats boundary, where the pavement, put in when they were built, ends.

    On the riverside of the road there is a Armco Rail Barrier running from the bend to opposite the Fort Rise Flats. There is no space behind it as the river edge is directly next to the railing.

    On the other side, brambles and vegetation grows right down to the road edge,except for small areas the length and width of a car ,which have deep potholes and uneven gravel/boulders. The “laybys” also have old or dumped mobile homes parked on them long term.

    This forces all walkers to be on the road. A very unsafe and dangerous situation.

    At weekends, in particular, there is a constant flow of local families,dog walkers,wheel chair and mobility scooter users,tourists and fishermen going to and from the Harbour Foreshores Wall. Naturally there is even a higher volume of vehicles doing the same thing.
    On the recent weekend of the severe storms, there were at least 60-80 vehicles and the same number of people on foot, all collectively in the Harbour area watching the storm waves.
    All had to traverse Fort Road.
    Some drivers were extremely courteous,however several were intimidating and driving too fast for the conditions and congested situation. “All the right conditions for serious injury or worse”

    The solution is, that a proper pavement footpath be installed on the side of the road opposite the river. With the vegetation cleared back and some levelling in places,there would be enough width for a comfortable pavement for everybody on foot or mobility user. It would eliminate the “Real and Present Danger”and contribute to the well-being ,safety and enjoyment of all.


    This is another piece of road that presents a danger to walkers. The pavement ceases at the end of the Fort Rise Flats,next to the Hope Inn. From there on, there are no pavements nor the ability to walk off road because of Armco on one side (pub car park), and a heavy metal tubular railing along the other. This extends the full length to the Foreshore entrance gateway.

    The road is even narrower here, and cars have to give way to let each other get past.
    People on foot, as in the above description,constantly have to be totally focused on vehicular traffic movements and take avoidance action to save themselves against accident.

    Completely unacceptable in this age of Health and Safety.

    No formed access,or pathway, is available to reasonably divert and cross the grassed area near the pub to walk along riverside to enter the foreshore area.. The grass is long,usually unmown, and on rough ground, therefore unsuitable for anyone other than cross country ramblers.

    The solution would be a constructed pathway/pavement on the side opposite the pub car park,replacing the tubular railing. Alternatively, a proper access opening and a path crossing the grass from the road opposite the pub,to the riverside path.

  4. Yes, could some effort be put into opening the sandy beach once more and ‘the arm!’. If the steps were repaired and the insurance liability were resolved surely it must be possible to get some agreement over this. Could we look at other areas that have similar areas, like Lyme Regis, Polperro or Folkestone. What arrangements have they got in place to ensure public safety around their harbours?

  5. Yes, reopen the sandy beach! It drew in lots of people last summer (albeit through ‘trespassing’) and we know in the past it provided many happy seaside memories. It’s crazy that we can’t enjoy our own beach.

    1. So we can open the steps make it safe -not the over the top – people used the the fir many years with out health and safety – quite safely…. people can make there own choices And do you what they choose at their own risk – that beach is part of Newhaven life and needs looking forward be opened to enable our community to feel they have something for them again ….

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