I would like to see a clear up of the stones on the beach. This would make the beach more comfortable, more attractive to holiday makers and the stones could be sold on with the revenue spent on more sand. We need to be ahead of the game to keep our high status and attract more visitors. I would also like to see the beach roads cleared of the excess sand put back where it should be, on the beach.

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2 comments on “Beach

  1. A ridiculous idea. You can prevent stones from being washed onto a beach. Currents and tides will continue to bring them on shore regardless of whether an army of diggers work day and night to get rid of them. You might just as well say get rid of the tourists, they clutter the beach.

  2. I do not agree with this. We need the environment to be as natural as possible. The stones being washed up are a part of our natural beach environment.

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