Bearwood high street

Rejuvenate Bearwood high street. This is a central hub in need of improvement.

As somebody new to the area I was very surprised to see just how dilapidated the High Street has become. There are a number of closed shops limited variety and generally in need of a total refresh. Small and large business should be encouraged to start trading in this area again giving the local community the opportunity to support local businesses.

In addition we need to tackle the homelessness on the high street. There are at least 4 people who regularly set up camp on the highstreet. These people should be engaged and supported back into housing.

With the planned metro extension we should be aiming to create a hub where people would want to visit.

Think Harborne High street. Think Oldbury town centre. Think an area that we would be proud to call home.

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1 comment on “Bearwood high street

  1. I remember the good old Bearwood Road when it was vibrant, clean and had lovely shops such as Presto supermarket that became Safeway’s, who in turn then became Morrison’s. Next door to the supermarket was Alfred Preedy the tobacconist and newsagent, other shops included Currys and Woolworths. Since 2010ish I feel that Bearwood has been in a steady decline and I no longer visit to shop; I bypass it to go to Harborne. There are far to many fast food, charity, betting and general tat shops. Bearwood Road is in serious need of a revamp to halt it’s decline, otherwise it will end up like Cape Hill, a sad reminder of what was once a lovely shopping centre with two indoor markets and shops to suit all tastes.

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