Becoming a model town for a green transition

This is a great opportunity for Bournemouth to become a leader in the green transition acknowledged as essential to address the climate emergency.
Mostly I would like to see investment in renewable energy such as a offshore windfarm in the bay and solar panels on all council buildings and new builds. All new building should meet passive house standards and use only renewable energy.
Retrofitting older housing stock with heating from renewable sources should be urgently addressed – including subsidies for privately owned homes to move to renewable sources of heating. As long as a ground source heat pump costs £12k (upfront) and a new gas boiler costs £2k, domestic heating will remain an issue for Bournemouths carbon zero ambitions.
I would also like to see rewilding and tree-planting on a large scale, and community orchards.

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3 comments on “Becoming a model town for a green transition

  1. This could also involve some other greener transition ideas that have been stated such as fossil fuel vehicle restrictions within certain areas at certain times.
    The problem is to show that we want to change not that we are forced to.

  2. Solar panels should be mandatory for new builds but also need to include space for allotments that allow people to grow their own food. Rather than just focus on Bournemouth need to include Poole and Christchurch as it’s all one council. Nee heating technology needs to be sufficient for demand before it can be changed. Also train gas engineers to install the new heating systems so they dont loose their jobs!

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