Benefit the people of Thanet

What Margate has seen in the last decade or so is nothing short of gentrification that has led to an ever increasing, unaffordable rise in housing costs for renters and buyers in the area. Indulging in the indie ‘Shoreditch-by-the-Sea’ ideal that has formed around the budding Margate Old Town, has meant that flats by the job centre are ‘stylish apartments in a bustling area’ and that, most importantly, living in Margate is becoming unaffordable for the people that live and work there. The average wage in the area is low, with a vast number of people working in the care and service industry, and whilst it’s been lovely to see the change in the perception of Margate it would certainly be nice to continue to see this change from within the town itself. My hope would be affordable housing(!!) and jobs (and not in vintage stores or bookshops with single employees). As a young person from the area, jobs and housing would benefit me more than another art gallery.

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