Better connection links for local community

The Town Council area consists of three communities, Mablethorpe, Trusthorpe and Sutton on Sea. My suggestion is a “green powered” shuttle bus to connect the main facilities of the three communities. I would suggest the round route would be from The Medical centre in Stanley Ave Mablethorpe to Sandilands, Sutton on Sea at the ELDC car park by the Golf Course. This route would connect our communities with each other and join together shopping areas in Sutton on Sea and Mablethorpe. Join the two Doctors surgeries, the two library’s and give more opportunities for access to many people who do not have access to cars (up to 50% of people in the area). It would have to be affordable but to the users and the operator. Hopefully it could be part of a solution to better transport links out and in to the area. I have a route in mind but limits to the number of characters this site allows I cannot go into more detail.

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3 comments on “Better connection links for local community

  1. An electric powered bus running along the prom to Sutton on Sea would be very popular in my opinion.

    Already the land train and sand train are both well used and many passengers take a ‘round trip’ just for the enjoyment of the ride.

  2. The past two summer seasons TC coaches have run a service from Mablethorpe through to Sandilands, I live on the outskirts of Sutton on Sea the only service available here is the call connect service which needs to be pre-booked. I was told that the promenade bus stopped because the operator needed a PSV (Public Service Vehicle) operator licence.

  3. I echo Stephen Palmer’s comment but bring a variation into the mix:

    As outlined, the definition of our town includes Sutton-on-Sea and Trusthorpe and it is important to identify projects that help to create unity across three quite different parts of the area. If visitors are able to access all three areas easily (park once, visit everywhere) that helps generate, increase and spread trade and opportunity.

    For many years there was a little old bus that ran along the prom between Sutton & the pullover by Queens Park (see photo provided by Jeff Bush, Mablethorpe Memories). It ceased for health & safety reasons I believe. Not sure whether this was the safety of the bus itself or the fact it was a motorised vehicle on the prom. Some form of prom train or monorail would be a dream but a prom bus would be much cheaper, easily implemented and more flexible. Two buses, departing at either end simultaneously and crossing in the middle could provide 3 or 4 trips an hour in each direction. The right type of vehicle could also run evening services along the road in summer, taking those living / staying along the route to events in the main part of the resort & vice versa. Perhaps local taxi companies could be brought on board to be involved in this?

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