Better connectivity for south Warrington

Cycling & public transport links into South Warrington are virtually non-existent. To be a sustainable town we need safe & surfaced cycle lanes to Warrington town centre and the south Manchester tram system. If the large swathes of green belt release & development are to go ahead, we need public transport along these routes too. The local authority needs to have ambitions like Transport for Greater Manchester.

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13 comments on “Better connectivity for south Warrington

  1. A cycle lane where the Brook is on capesthorne Road which leads to Brook acre school. My daughter has nearly been knocked over 3 or 4 times now and she’s only 8, there’s younger children and alot of older people walking there dogs down there. There so much space between the footpath and the Brook to make a cycle lane and it would keep children and adults safer. It’s starting to improve down their with the cutting back of trees and bushes so why not improve it more

  2. Public transport from Lymm to Altrincham by tram as the bus is virtually non-existent & take 45 minutes when it eventually turns up when the journey should take 15 minutes

  3. Trams that connect to the greater Manchester ones and later buses that go though Stockton heath / south Warrington

  4. Add later evening buses to Stratton / Appleton.
    Make main road traffic lights fully coordinated not all individually operating as no.

  5. I think a train station in Warrington south would be great. Especially with all of the houses they are building around the Stretton area

  6. Cycle lanes would be good. The pavement on Knutsford Road could be marked half for cycles and half for pedestrians.

  7. Warrington is situated on the path of the standard Lands End to John O’Groats (LEJOG) cycle route, however most cyclists completely bypass Warrington because the North-South route through Warrington is so complex because of motor traffic, poor road layout, and lack of compelling/maintained/joined up segregated paths. The East-West route on the Transpennine Trail is in places very poorly maintained and is impassable to many cycle-commuters because of the surface.

    Taking into account the huge strides being made in local cities (including Manchester with its work to reduce and eliminate cycling bottlenecks), and the new infrastructure currently planned in Warrington (Central Link, Western Link, new proposed housing developments in South Warrington etc.), there are no excuses not to demand cycling ‘by design’ in any infrastructure projects.

    The issue can be seen on the Warrington Cycle Map, for which most N-S routes lead through Bridgefoot Roundabout, described as ‘5/5’ for cycling difficulty. Much of the Transpennine Trail (E-W) is unsurfaced. The ‘Compass routes’ (N-S, E-W) need to be prioritised to ensure Warrington doesn’t remain a cycling black-spot and can promoted in joined up cycle route planning.

    1. Definitely! I commute to the Sci-Tech park from South Warrington- particularly after the liquidation of Halton buses it’s gotten very hard to get around. I travel by bike now- the cycle lane up the A56 is very useful but poorly maintained (lots of roots growing under the path), and double-parking in Ellesmere Road/Walton/ Stockton Heath makes cycling this route pretty dangerous at times. More connections from Latchford/Grappenhall/Stockton Heath to places other than the town centre would be amazing but any improvement on bus services in Warrington would be a god send!

  8. Slightly less convoluted routes. The sankey to birchwood cycleway is good, but it could be less complicated for bikes with panniers

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