Better leisure/ cultural/ entertainment offer

Due the the expansion of BAE, Barrow should be able to benefit from an increased level of disposable income, but instead, people will visit cities such as Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle to spend their disposable income on clothes, gigs, nights out, as Barrow currently has very little to offer in terms of leisure and entertainment. More needs to be done to regenerate the town centre, to create a “destination” that people want to visit, a mixture of chain and independent shops restaurants, bars and leisure facilities that attract people to go shop, drink and eat locally.
The problem is exasperated by the big organisations employing larger numbers of contractors or adopting week on/week off working practices which allows workers to come and work in Barrow, benefit from a good wage but then spend said wages else where, thus meaning the local economy loses out on this investment. More needs to be done to encourage people to live, work and spend locally.

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