Better local connections

Can we have a bus service connecting Todmorden to surrounding rural areas? I live in Blackshaw, and one of the main reasons we look more to Hebden for shops, evenings out etc, is that there is a bus route. It would also allow more people in Todmorden to access the lovely countryside on the doorstep without having to be reliant on a car. Also need a better (faster, reliable) rail service connecting us to Leeds/Manchester

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2 comments on “Better local connections

  1. Yes, and a more regular service between Tod and Bacup and Sourhall isn’t even on a bus route but has an aging community up there.

  2. i would support a bus service from Blackshaw to Todmorden as it would not only give Todmorden a boost, but it gives rural residents more choice to go places. Plus i would favour expansion of existing (mini)-bus routes in todmorden

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