Better public transport

Public transport, more specifically bus services can be awful. Prices are constantly climbing, making travelling hard, especially when the alternative is a car, an even bigger money pit, and not an option for all people. On top of that they’re usually late, and if they’re early the drivers don’t always wait, and even when they see you before they pull out they refuse to stop, when you do get on them, the windows, the floor and sometimes seats are covered in muck, and the services run at ridiculous times to some places. There is 1 route that runs through my town, every 2 hours in winter, every 1 in summer, and the last bus back is at 5:40pm, the last one away is at 7:10pm, this makes it hard for myself and others to get things done, and see people, especially when working 6 days a week, 2 16 hour shifts, and not usually finishing until almost 7

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