Better Public Transport – Buses

It is often agreed upon that the public transport, specifically in regards to buses, in Norfolk is severely lacking.

The buses are often late, sometimes early and, most concerning of all, the buses are highly limited as to which areas within Norfolk that they pass through – and if you live in an area that they do not pass through at all then you are simply out of luck.

A wider range of bus routes within Norfolk is desperately needed as not everyone can drive. It is not only tourists that use our buses, but a large amount of locals going to and from work.

But the buses do not go everywhere so there are many people who struggle to or cannot get to work. Not everyone can drive, or can get a lift, or can cycle (e.g. disabled people) – these are the people who need to travel by public transport, except often there is not any.

It is all well and good investing in our local businesses, but if you really want to get more people working then providing better public transport is a must.

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