Better Rail Services

Rebuild the Rail Station and add a second platform to increase the frequency of train to Birmingham and beyond. While doing so take the opportunity to build on the derelict land between Bromsgrove Street and Edward Street to create a second entrance and drop off area separate from the carpark and a medium density residential led car free development adjacent to the station. Eventually we can then dismantle part of the ringway and create a green corridor pedestrian route up Unicorn Hill to the town centre.

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  1. Thinking of the town as a whole ~ and taking the town centre as the core ~ attention then draws to the fact that the heart of that core, being the canopied intended market space ,has remained void and barren for some considerable time.
    Surely then bringing life back to the core with trade and entertainment should be a focus.
    The “ideal”of what should happen within “that space” has been bandied across more tables for longer than anyone cares to remember and surely must be addressed.
    My answer would be largely ANYTHING but SOMETHING
    Consider the appetites of the existing footfall and expand on that, offer trader friendly incentives.
    Consider also economical and ecological benefits of cladding with vertical planting any structures that are now deemed unsightly Library and areas along market walk.
    Looking at Church Green ~ it is ringed by long empty properties ~ voids in the townscape and missed opportunities.
    Consider bringing some of the more iconic and accommodating structures back into public ownership ~ The former Tonys Handyman site will remain a huge void on the High Street unless this is addressed and offers a multitude of trade and training spaces, as does the Old Library, can we not consider the costs of re purposing and re refurbishment against the costs of demolition and reconstruction. I believe the last thing the town needs is further destruction going forward.
    Investment in public transport also needs to be addressed ~ to not have 24hr access to our nearest necessities of either Hospitals, Employment or National travel is a nonsense, we don’t need faster trains we need extended operational hours .
    Can we consider the Heart of the Town , it’s valves and main Arteries and ease of transit , can we then consider new blood\ footfall, what that may look like and how best to accommodate that ~ Halls of residence for students would seem a useful starting point.
    Can we focus on the core before we begin to address the periphery .

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