Better roads to the beaches

We have thd best beaches on this coast line but unfortunately very poor roads to them.
Please upgrade the private owned roads and car park at the Hodbarrow nature reserve.

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1 comment on “Better roads to the beaches

  1. I agree with this and more. Lots of people, especially families love going to the beach on a beautiful day. Clear some areas of some pebbles (no need to go overboard) where kids can play in the sand. What about a tidal pool? One loo and an outdoor shower and see how it goes. The sea here is brilliant for kayaking – we love going on the sea at Silecroft. If there was easy and dedicated access in Millom and Haverigg for rowers and swimmers, it should attract people who enjoy these sports. My husband also swims in the sea by Haverigg and we have seen other swimmers (referring to swimmers, not paddlers), but people will want easier access to the sea.

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