Better, safer cycle routes are crucial

A comprehensive cycle network of safe cycle routes throughout the city and suburbs is essential to get people out of their cars. A bridge at Gheluvelt Park across the Severn should be included.

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1 comment on “Better, safer cycle routes are crucial

  1. Unfortunately I have to disagree. The Keepax Bridge to Gheluvelt Park is a nice to have, but its not a prioirty. Its not even a ‘nice to have’ circular leisure route up and down the Severn as there’s no legal route along the western side of the river. Even if there was in places its not possible to provide a wide enough share use path. It also adds very little for commute and utility journeys that the existing Sabrina Bridge already provides. In terms of the £10 million(and rising?) its going to cost its far better than this funding is invested in providing 3 or more of the Active Travel Corridors highlighted in the County Councils Local Transport Plan 4. In that context I’m at a loss to understand why the County and City should prioritise this project over and above the others they have identified and especially given their collective commitments to reduce traffic congestion, air pollution and move the City to being zero carbon. With increasingly limited funding the business case is exceptionally weak and the opportunity cost is massive.

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