Better Training Facilities and Apprenticeships

Currently our younger generation have little in the way of job prospects. In order to attain employment many have no option but to move elsewhere. Not all will be able to go to University and face a bleak prospect of finding jobs locally. There are many trades that could be taught to ensure these people are employable. Trades that could be used locally, benefiting the whole town. There are no courses held here anymore so people cannot better their knowledge and education without having to travel miles. We need a good local training centre that can offer a variety of skills, knowledge and information at achievable levels.

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2 comments on “Better Training Facilities and Apprenticeships

  1. Like other parts of west Cumbria future employment should not be heavily weighted in the direction of the Nuclear Industry.

  2. This is (obviously) a key issue that needs to be addressed. But not only training , young people need to see local potential employment that will lead to a career with prospects for development and decent pay.

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