Better Transport / Pedestrianise the town

Pedestrian Town centre as appose to Derby Road running through the town.
The side streets from Warren Avenue to Brook Hill Street on both sides of Derby road could be linked by a road built to the rear on farmers land. And by linking up existing roads in place. Then pedestrianise the main road through the town centre.
Other suggestion is to reopen Stapleford&Sandiacre Train Station. The railway infrastructure is still in place and it is a service which is planned in the future anyway to aid arriving at the HS2 station to link Nottingham and Derby town centres. Open it now to benefit local residents and greener transport links to both city centres
Bring a loop from the NET tram line down to Stapleford near the old Stapleford & Sandiacre Railway Station (Station Road or Bessel Lane)
Demolish the old CO-OP building and redevelop the site including car park into a new multi use building
Install LED street lights with WiFi box on top as they have in Northampton City Centre

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1 comment on “Better Transport / Pedestrianise the town

  1. A regular link to the tram would be such a benefit to the town.
    Not sure a town of our size would cope with a pedestrianised area.
    I tend to visit the town for 15 or 20 mins at any one time.
    Lose the road humps and implement a 20 mph speed limit.

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