Bike park Sheffield, greno woods

We have an awesome set of woods on our back door, known world wide for it’s bike trails but it could be hugely improved and improve our little town at the same time.

So essentially i’d like to build a cafe, visitors centre, bike shop (move trek there) etc in the area at the end of station lane just beyond the end house which is currently a disused dumping ground above where yet more houses are being built.

Create an uplift (vans with trailers) using the dirt road that goes through to the top of Greno woods to take visitors on their bikes to the top. Build new and maintain the existing trails. This would bring countless visitors to the area, create new jobs, bring companies to build new hotels with new jobs as well as local b&b’s and massively improve the abandoned scruffy area at the end of station lane.

See Wales Bike Park for inspiration.

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