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  1. I cannot believe you want to turn the Lion Farm Playing Fields into a Shopping Development when all shops are closing down. These fields are used nearly every night for training children. (How do I know because I live by them) , there are that many group now that have football training for children, boys, girls etc. Then there are the matches on Sundays. During COVID there have also been outdoor keep fit classes running. Children play on these fields, dog walkers people riding cycles and many other people use the fields. You need to come along every night to see how busy these fields are. We do not need another shopping centre, gym, hotels etc. Think of the children on Lion Farm they need open spaces to thrive, run and enjoy themselves, take this away and the children around the area will be living in a built up area with no green space. I walk across these fields and it feels like i’m in the open countryside, believe it or not its peaceful especially when the sun shines it makes you feel good. There is no more green space around the area until Britannia Park. I run a local Girl guiding group we have no where to go, years ago we use to go to the park that was where the MEB and Halfpenny Farm is that was a park that you got rid of. Give our children the space to feel free and run around and be children, your committee is hoping to improve green spaces, Sandwell are getting rid of them.

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