Black Sluice pool and south-forty foot

The former Black Sluice pumping station area to the south forty foot could be improved to form an self-contained aqua sports and recreation area. It could be for kayaking, rowing, sup and open water swimming. Improvements to the banks of the south-forty foot could be made including making accessible places for people to fish etc. The banks are currently wasted space. This would create jobs, link to health and well being, recreation and tourism. The old pump building could be a heritage/community space. There is already a pontoon arrangement and more moorings could be added. This could be a counter-point to the existing facilities to the north of the town. It would be for all ages and create opportunities for training etc.

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  1. I think it’s a great idea to encourage more people to use the waterways in a fun and safe way ofcoarse. i often kayak fish along the forty foot launching from the hubbert bridge slipway. And I’m surprised since it’s been open how little use it gets . If we could improve access to the rivers with more secure slipways and picnic areas and maybe even campsites so visiting boaters and kayakers would have somewhere secure and close to the river to stay bringing more income to local businesses.

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