Blyth in a whole

I came to live in blyth because of how cheap it is to buy a house but I hate going into the town centre. Can we not do a localised programme for anybody with addiction or anyone problems with shop lifting. We also need better shops, no more vape, barber, charity rubbish shops but actual shops that would attract people to come here in the first place. We need a petrol station and shops towards the seafront area as my nearest BP is cramlington, dudley and the closest shop is little asda which gets too overcrowded and not enough parking most of the time i go there. The market would be better if there were more advertisement of the market to draw people here and do it on one day a week which i would recommend a weekend, let the market stay open longer and get more types of businesses in. Clean up the streets and gardens, council to drive around the streets and anybody that has piles of rubbish in their garden could potentially look at fining them until removed

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  1. I totally agree with what Danielles statement says plus could we have the chewing gum removed from the market place and across the road from the three cooks bakery down to the archway leading to the Waterloo pub because it is disgusting

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