Boscombe redevelopment

I feel that Boscombe should be left the way it is. It is an easy place to shop and is affordable. If this development goes ahead it will push the price of property up like a rocket resulting in the shops having to push up the prices of the products. I have lived in Poole now for some 23 years and I like it the way it is. In reality, we cant afford to start spending out money that we will need in the near future when this pandemic is sorted out.

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3 comments on “Boscombe redevelopment

  1. One more thing I am disabled and have a motability car so cannot walk far, I cannot ride a bike anymore and I cannot get about like I used to, I am limited of where I can shop so if you do think that you will go ahead I think I will start to shop in Winton although everything is a long way apart I will have to find out the easiest way to shop there. I am 75 and could do without all this hassle

  2. There are many things wrong with the “new proposal”
    1. it isn’t new been having the same talks for years,
    2.Next you need to get rid of the druggies and beggars etc.
    3.Something should be done to stop all the banks closing two have already gone Barclays is going then probably Halifax as it was going to shut in April so that leaves the TSB and I bet before long they will also shut then no banks at all in Boscombe, so where do all the businesses bank their money?
    4. Also please no more bikes it is bad enough now having the young people racing down the street and doing wheelies it is very dangerous and those of us who are not so nimble anymore have problems with them.
    5.Next you want to close Hawkard Road car park where will all the cars park then? there are no other council car parks in Boscombe and I know in the summer everyone parks there and walks down to the beach, so closing it is once again very short sighted.
    6. What about all the shops that are in the Royal arcade and the Sovereign center now I know there are a lot of empty shops as they cannot afford the rent being charged but surely something can be done to help them?
    7. The reef was a waste of money in the first place and this was our money the tax payers so just get rid of the thing altogether.
    8. Re-opening the east cliff lift is a good idea but it does not help Boscombe at all and should have separate funds for that to happen, perhaps the hotels could all chip in as it will be their guests who use it the most.
    9. As for putting planters down the high street AGAIN, the idiots who were high on drugs or drunk are the ones who broke the trees and ripped everything out and of course there was no one to stop them as we do not have enough police patrolling the area.
    10. Opening up Centenary way is a daft idea it was only ever used to service the back of the shops and park for short period of time I still remember how it used to be.
    I have more thoughts on your supposed wish list but surely first you have to get funding and that seem in short supply at this time, I heard Poole high street have been lucky to get funding but not Boscombe so until that marvelous day happens I suggest you tone down your expectations and fix the things that can be fixed and not those that are wishful thinking.

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