Boscombe regeneration

The plans put forward are illogical.
Christchurch Road was thriving until it was pedestrianised, just as was Bournemouth town centre that is now almost dead.
Be bold. Build a MASSIVE NEW MULTI-STOREY CAR PARK ON THE RAILWAY YARD! With full vehicle recharge facilities. Link a mass transit system to join Boscombe Lansdowne and Town centre.
Obliterate Sovereign way/car park and bus depot. Use ALL the land wisely. A new market? and open space? More upmarket residential? Bury the car park underground and over build? Add a new school/medical facilities / move the library? Performance centre? FROM PALMERSTON to ASHLEY and HRW to GRW. We get one chance! Ground source / solar power station?
Reinstate Christchurch Road as THE main road, for ALL through vehicles, but with a 20 mph limit and safe crossing zones.
Build HRW as a glass covered pedestrian only boulevard, WITH access for electric only MTS.

Glass cover the front facing plaza for 365 usage, otherwise only limited use.

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