Boscombe (SPA) regeneration – a town centre to be proud of

Give the town an architectural facelift with the THEME of ‘Boscombe Spa’. a theme that people can relate to and be proud of. Upgrade (force/grants private landlords) and integrate all the town centre facades plus street furniture a little like Bath or Chester. Involve locals and the public with a team of town centre managers. Provide (grant fund) a range of PRACTICAL shops (baker, fruit, butcher, toys, books) plus family oriented entertainment like climbing wall, cinema, laserquest, and SPA on a type of turnover rent. Boscombe spa can (with grant funding) become a centre for the Community instead of a collection of tiny profit centres.

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  1. Hi, I am a 62 year-old Boscombe resident (Westby Road) since December 2019. Being virtually retired, I have some time on my hands and a wealth of project management experience. I am interested in the Boscombe (Spa) regeneration project, and feel I could be a valid worker/contributor in a part-time of consultative role once C19 allows. If interested, I can supply a CV. Please let me know. Regards, Phil.

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