Boscombe TC Masterplan

I should like to add my support to this plan. The use of the site of the Sovereign shopping centre to provide homes, the restoration of Havilland Road West and the south side of Gladstone Road West will restore the proportions of the town and do much to return its sense of place. The new square forms a wonderful centre for events and the facility for over 600 car parking spaces is quite sufficient for a community which, with 40% car ownership is a victim of the car, rather than a champion of it. In a decades time and beyond there can be little doubt that private car use will decline and this plan reflects this very well.
The homes are described as being of a type to make family homes. This is great news as HMO are far too well represented in the area and these make is so difficult for families to live here in Boscombe.
The prospect of encouraging skilled employment is wonderful for all but more importantly bodes well for younger residents providing a more balanced community.

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