Boscombe Town Centre Masterplan

I think the plans are good and I support them. A lot of thought has gone into trying to improve the town centre. At the moment it is not a nice place to shop in or visit. It is run down, dirty and full of undesirable people. If we want the town to improve we need to tidy it up and make it attractive to the majority rather than the minority. Boscombe has a lot of good points, we have the sea front, lovely parks and gardens and the people are friendly. It would have been better had it not been pedestrianised but it was so we need to move forward. If we make it a vibrant place it will attract more people, who will spend money and help it to continue to improve. If we do nothing we just hand it over to the drug users and dealers and undesirables, this is not good for the majority who tend to stay away and shop elsewhere. So I think we should support this plan and give the town back to the people to enjoy.

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