Boston Bikes

Encourage more cycling through the town as a means of transport by using the same concept as Boris Bikes in Boston.

Create strategic cycle banks across the town, such as train station, bus station, market place, Boston College, Haven High, outer town car parks, Pilgrim Hospital and some village locations such as Wyberton, Fishtoft and Frampton.

Improve cycle ways and cycle networks to encourage usage.


Improved Connectivity
Improved air quality as less traffic
Improved health as more mobile population and better air quality.

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3 comments on “Boston Bikes

  1. Great idea in theory ! Cyclists there is sign coming from Waterstone end saying dismount .Do they no . I not for first time had to take drastic avoiding action otherwise would have been cycled over by man using no hands and texting cycling at speed . Dismount means dismount . They also tend to do this on market days through the market.

  2. cycling in Boston should be easy given that it is basically flat and relatively small but instead it is as difficult to cycle through as if it had been designed to be difficult. Some years ago I cycled around Boston with a cyclist Councillor and we identified routes that could improve the ability of cycling in the town and we have seen the car traffic increase and the room for cycling ever more squeezed. the present mish- mash of routes are unconnected and very often leading to dangerous junctions un-served by cycling routes. It will be very difficult to create a system of pedestrian and cyclist friendly routes but the situation will only get worse and the bullet needs to be bitten now. Be brave and the mad traffic jams could reduce and people could get about the town in safety ready for the inevitable restrictions to come in the future. Everyone knows it makes sense so do it even though it will hurt to squeeze the motorist.
    I am a cyclist and a motorist and have lived in Boston since 1968.

  3. This is one area l would like to see some of the money spent. We all know we have to use our cars less to help the environment but some areas of the town are really dangerous for cyclists, JohnAdams Way, Bargate Roundabout, Sleaford Road to mention just some of areas.

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