Boston Gliderdrome redevelopment

Boston’s Gliderdrome used to attract some of the biggest names in pop in the 1960s and 70s – Elton John, Tom Jones, Jimmy Hendrix etc….is it really too far-fetched to think something like that could have again?
With Boston United relocating and the whole site up for sale, couldn’t some kind of public-private partnership be put in place to buy it and redevlop the whole area keeping the famous (but revamped) Glider at its heart?
It’s an amazing building which could be a conference centre while retaining its massive dance floor and stage for concerts/performances etc.
The whole area around could be revamped once the football stadium has gone – there’s huge potential for the whole site. Surely it can’t just be replaced with housing – as a town we’ve got to come up with something more imaginative and aspirational than that
Given it’s close to Blackfriars/Sam Newsom/quayside/Shodfriars and Fydell House maybe the whole area could be marketed as a new entertainment/cultural quarter?

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  1. I loved going to the Gliderdrome in my teens and saw some great bands there. When T-Rex played the Glider before leaving to tour America, buses brought fans from Glasgow and Edinburgh. It would be great to see something like that again but I’m told the bigger names now only want to play big venues and stadia.
    What about Party in the Park-style local bandfests? I just fear it’s too big for small gigs and too small for big ones.

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