Bridge, cctv, clean up/shops and police

The bridge needs to open to ease traffic, and the bollards that were put there are very unsightly. CCTV needs to be installed throughout the town. Investment in the local authority seems to be needed as the streets are teeming with litter which doesn’t seem to be cleared by the local council, instead volunteers have taken to the job which is far to large and needs doing too often for them to cope. CCTV may help with this as there are problem areas in terms of litter. Investment in new shops/small retail center in the old school grounds would improve the look and functionality of the town. A play Park for younger children is needed as all current ones are more like climbing frames and are used as hang outs for teens. Finally investment in local policing is needed as they are stretched thin and can not be a presence on the streets when needed, this would help deal with groups unruly teens and help reduce burglaries which are on the rise in the town.

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