Bring back a heavy commerce to Portland Walk

The town centre has lost a lot of shops and business and the ones currently there are struggling to stay open.

Portland Walk the towns main shopping centre needs to look bright new and vibrant again. I think by making Portland walk into an almost multi level shopping centre/outlet with modern restaurants and shops with big chains and franchise’s will bring people back to the town centre. The town centre itself needs a major remodernisation, being on the tip of south Cumbria the likes of Ulverston, Kendal and other satellite villages in Cumbria are keeping to the traditional element and a shopping centre would look out of place. The nearest big shopping centres in Lancaster and Manchester which are at least an long train journey.

Barrow recently lost M&S which had stood in the town for over a hundred years, and they have moved the M&S outside of town a 20-30 min drive away which isn’t ideal for Barrow which should be at the heart of change and improvement in south Cumbria.

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