Bring Back a Youth Culture

We need a venue that YOUNG PEOPLE CAN BE ENGAGED WITH. Not a single-minded venue, but one that can host manier different interests. MINDFULLNESS, MUSIC, ARTS. Fashion shows, modelling, exhibitions for work that dont have to be education related, a space to put on gigs, a space to learn and provide meditation classes and yoga, a blank space that you can book to use their facilities prehaps for something such as headshots or photoshoots. Life drawing classes, or theatre performances and rehursals, prehaps choirs or singing groups can use it. It could also provide for other ages such as knitting groups or group gardening. Prehaps the venue could have affiliations with other businesses and create collaborative events. Being a late youth of the town, i realise the youth culture in Scarborough has shrank considerabley, people dont give pr recieve from their community anymore, thay look outwards for fun. If young people enjoy spending time in their hometown, more funds will be pumped around.

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