Bring back our airport

With an average of 13 million visitors a year Blackpool is by far the busiest resort town in the UK. Our train system is a joke, motorways are clogged. We really need an airport. We did have one and much loved and used it was. Than along came Balfour Beatty who were a disaster for Blackpool Airport. The Town Council have announced a huge new entertainment development but how are the people going to get to it? It will bring employment, visitors and joy to locals.

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1 comment on “Bring back our airport

  1. Agree with this suggestion. Airports provide global opportunities for local businesses. They employ vast amounts of people and this will link a fairly deprived area to the rest of the world. Airports attract business, especially this one with the enterprise zone located at the airport. They bring tourists in and they allow residents the opportunity to travel. Looking at other regional airports, such as Newcastle and even Carlisle, the investment they have had has really helped the local community and they see it as an asset. Reopening the airport for commercial flights is a win-win situation so long as it is managed correctly.

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