Bring back the evening/night life

Town needs to be revitalised with a night/evening life with shops closer together not spread out at different retail parks.

Move train station further up Denmark Road 100-200 metres
Widen Commercial Rd then extend A47 to Commercial Rd creating a new 2 way system over the bridge to be able to then pedestrianise Station Square, Convert old train station to an evening/night venue, using the extra space to build more.
Shops on Station square can be moved into the town filling up vacant buildings so 1 in 2 buildings are not empty.
Station Square to become evening/night district with Bars/Restaurants and clubs for a new nightlife within walking distance from existing one (Notleys etc)

Encourage shops to move to the town centre, move QD back into town, replacing with new multi-story parking for closer access to the new evening district.
Bring themed markets in the town centre (Xmas markets etc)
Clean/paint & plant new plants/trees (not enough greenery) for a more attractive town

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