Bring back the Piazza

Having looked at a photo of when the Piazza was created it is obvious that it has been totally neglected ever since. It is filthy and needs a really deep ground clean to bring it back to its original look and colour. It needs far more greenery and a revamp of the seating. It was supposed to be ‘Cafe Culture’ only no one is doing anything any more. When the ‘Hall for Cornwall’ is finished its surroundings which is the Piazza needs a huge facelift. I know people who just will no walk over it. In the Summer it should have a regular was down clean as it stinks in the heat as it is again i will say FILTHY. At the moment we have a totally wasted area.

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3 comments on “Bring back the Piazza

  1. I certainely agree this could be much more appealing. Hopefully the Drummer sculpture will not return as it seemed irrelevant – the money should have been spent on a more appropriate and useful installation, such as a fountain with seats around or some such feature.

  2. You cant possibly call the concrete space with the occasional tent and merrygoround a Piazza. employ someone to create a space you want to be. outside cafes, greenery, fountains, music, art on show.

  3. Yes completely agree. Where are the trees and feature plants on Lemon Quay? Absolutely no thought has gone into the design and layout and its like an empty car park. It could easily be regenerated to create cafe culture and attract people watchers

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