Bring back the Stapleford Railway Station

Stapleford is one of Broxtowe’s major towns and usually gets neglected, it doesn’t have railway access to the rest of the country, since we are closely linked to a major part of the network it would be greatly beneficial for Stapleford Railway Station to be considered and reopened to increase mobility opportunities in and out of Stapleford. This would also make access to other towns and cities cheaper and quicker which would improve day to day living. It would possibly support Stapleford’s economy better with more diverse ways of public transport to our town.

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2 comments on “Bring back the Stapleford Railway Station

  1. It would be massive improvement for people traveling , shame the old station went can still remember that one. I am local and others would use it.

  2. Great idea! Just seen a You tube about links round Birmingham and Worcester using old freight lines to reduce carbon by creating metro links by rail so using less cars A similar station in Stapleford would be both useful and environmentally healthy

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