Bringing people into Clay Cross

Nowadays, providing what you can’t buy on the likes of Amazon, service industries such as a takeaway, a haircut, a tattoo etc are the ones that survive. But we have enough of those already. What we don’t have is anything to draw outsiders in, or barely anything for children. This led to my idea which I’ve actually had for some years, developing Kenning Park into what it was meant to be, an area for the children. Something along the same vein as the Mundy Play Centre in Markeaton Park. Myself & other Clay Cross mums often drove the 20 miles for a day out with our kids, & it was always packed with visitors. With a bit of investment, Clay Cross can offer that.
Ok, a paddling pool (we are desperate for decent outdoor water play areas nowadays) would be seasonal, but a good size play park, a kids train & a bit of a boating lake would be a year round attraction creating opportunities for new & existing businesses.
My idea goes much bigger than this but I’m almost out of writing space now 🙂

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1 comment on “Bringing people into Clay Cross

  1. Brilliant idea, we should be looking to go bigger and better. Something that will pull in people from out of the area and keep them coming back. An outdoor pool would as you say be seasonal but they are great when the weather is good. My two daughters when they were young used to go to the outdoor pool in Deal Kent and it was always packed with families. We need to drag Clay Cross into the future.

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