Budget Spending Recommendations

Firstly, it is my belief, that the local council needs to prioritise; revitalising the roads, investing into the town centre and spending more into aiding lower socioeconomic status areas. The roads within Darlington are quite damaged, especially within the DL1 & 2 areas, which mostly are of the lower socioeconomic status areas. This would reduce the amount of money the council needs to spend on small claim courts, it would also aid those who suffer from physical conditions (i.e spinal, nerves, etc.) Secondly, Darlington is starting to lose its revenue, small local businesses are shutting down, whether this is due to the internet, categories of trade available, or just overall interest. I do not believe free parking solves this problem, the fundamental attraction to the town centre is clothes and alcohol. Finally, lower socioeconomic status areas would benefit from council schemes which solve litter, overall clutter and hygiene. The council clearly prioritise DL3 over others.

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