Build a lock to keep water in the river

Truro’s river is tidal and so at low tide there is a lot of ugly, smelly mud very close to the city centre. This is a huge negative for Truro and is so damaging for the city’s image. We must have a simple lock system in place at Boscawen Park that keeps the water level high. Not only would this make the waterfront more beautiful, resulting in more people visiting the area, but it would present a great opportunity for more leisure activities on the water, for example kayaking and boating. The areas around the river can also be redeveloped to encourage more café culture, walking and cycling. Truro’s sister city Morlaix in France is a similar size and in a similar location, slightly inland on a tidal river, and they have a lock which has massively helped them to make their waterfront a real destination. There is currently an SSSI on the mud but the boundaries of this must be reviewed so it doesn’t cover the river north of Boscawen Park. It’s time for everyone to enjoy the river!

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