Build a proper multi-tracked fixed rail bridge at Trowse

Improve rail links (speed and reliability) by removing the old and dysfunctional single track swing bridge at Trowse, Norwich. Replace it with a multi-track fixed bridge so trains to London and Cambridge can accelerate faster. By removing this bottleneck on the mainline you will reduce journey times along the entire line – and encourage more people to use the service rather than relying on the car. This not only helps us tackle climate change but will also significantly boost the regional economy. Do it now before you build any more roads.

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18 comments on “Build a proper multi-tracked fixed rail bridge at Trowse

  1. I think this is an interesting idea. But we need to do the research to see if it will lead to economic benefits for Norwich.

    1. This sounds entirely reasonable. Socially and economically. Getting Norfolk better connections to the rest of the country and catching up with the times!

  2. Yes, good idea if it’s going to speed up train journeys.
    It’s also a shame we’ve lost the direct line to the west of Norfolk. I would be good to reopen the Norwich to Kings Lynn route again, via Fakenham and Hunstanton. As driving is so tedious and time consuming. It would help towards reducing the number of cars on the roads.

  3. I Agree and it is a top priority bringing growth to norwich and opening up vast amenities to people of norwich. Train journeys with eternal engineering works on weekends make driving the only option.

  4. Anything we can do to improve trains and journey times is a good idea. Compared to the rest of the country our journey times over the same distance are proportionally much slower and more expensive.

  5. Fine – as far as it goes. But tge bridge at Trowse is far from being the only problem with rail travel between Norwich and anywhere. The Norwich-London service is atrocious, with few trains leaving on time – or even leaving at all! Too many trains are cancelled, break down, or are delayed for other reasons. It is impossible to travel from one end of Norfolk to the other by train, as there is no longer a line vetween Norwich and Kings Lynn – ridiculous! It is impossible to travel to Birmingham, Manchester, or other major cities without changing trains at least once and at vast cost. A working rail service for Norfolk is an imperative if the region is to grow and develop sufficiently to support the number of houses being built here and the rapidly burgeoning population. Exactly the same argument applies to the county’s poverty-stricken road infrastructure, disproportionate shortages of GPs, GP surgeries, hospital beds, schools, etc,etc. A fixed railway bridge at Trowse is a sticking plaster on a gaping wound.

    1. Agree except for the road infrastructure point, we need to move away from car dependency towards active travel (cycling, running, walking) and public transport so that we have clean air to breathe, help reduce global warming and keep fit.

      1. The victorians managed with the support of better train infrastructure less cars enocourage walking and biking around our cities & towns?

  6. I absolutely agree with this and this would be a great spend of money on something that would be welcomed by not just rail passengers but also the locals, This would fix an old eye sore and make that part of Norwich much more appealing.

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