build up on creative talent

invest in part of the Sovereign centre as an alternative art gallery, encouraging locals and bigger names to exhibit. Make the areas outside cafes usable to sit outside (if we cannot open the pedestrain area up to traffic), with awings to protect from sun and showers. large wall spaces to be used for murals to ensure colourful images. carry on investing in cleaning up bad housing. knock down the MacDonald building and put in new flats for key workers and their families with underground car parking, the basement there is huge, the site looks appalling and encourages the dysfunctional to congregate. the top is in disrepair above the pub and MacDonalds. Use the O2, to work with the cafes, to encourage them to open in the evening to let the 100s of concert goers to drink before the acts come on stage instead of standing in long queues . Open the pedestrian area up to one way traffic with parking short term 20 minutes one side, to encourage people to POP into the local shops 8.30am to 4pm

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