Bus services in/out of Whitby running later

The 840 and the X93 are excellent services but they don’t run late enough into the evening. For example, you can’t go over to Scarborough to see a show at the theatres there because you can’t get back, and Whitby’s Spa Pavillion doesn’t have the range of shows available. It is also very noticeable in the summer that the 840 needs to be running more services to keep up with demand. It’s great that people are using the services in such high numbers, that needs to be built on.

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3 comments on “Bus services in/out of Whitby running later

  1. Definitely. Making it affordable and possible to go out in Whitby from outlying areas and for visitors maybe staying inland or along the coast. It is too prohibitive to have buses stopping running at say nine in the evening. In the season, they could be later too. Plus, if car parking is reduced, this will keep revenue coming in to pubs, restaurants, the theatre and for shows.

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