I heard a long time ago that they stopped running local buses on a Sunday evening which I thought was disgusting as people need to get about especially the elderly who go to bingo and such places to socialise maybe they should look at putting these back on they don’t have to be every ten minutes every half hour would be a blessing to a lot of people.

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7 comments on “Buses

  1. The bus services to Culcheth were cut back quite some time ago isolating the elderly and none drivers among us . I’d like to see these services resumed .

  2. I’ve found that even in the week, if I want to catch a number 6 bus after 5:30, they only go as far as the Cobbs Estate. Weekends are a nightmare on the number 6 route as well. The times, days and reliability of that service needs improving.

  3. Spot on. Most jobs require Sunday work, especially for young students trying to make some money around their studies, or greater their CV. And when there is no travel after 5pm then this is very very difficult to do. I can’t work late on Sundays when my job requires it. It’s not acceptable!

  4. Waste of time trying to develop a leisure venue in town centre unless there is a decent bus service. Many routes stop running before 7pm and Sunday everything stops about 5pm.

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