Buses should run later and be more frequent

Currently a lot of buses in Warrington stop at 7pm (having only started at 7am).

All buses should start at 4am and run through until at least midnight.

Every bus should have a minimum frequency of at least every 30 minutes.

If Warrington is serious about reducing its Carbon foot print, getting people out of cars and onto public transport is step 1

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6 comments on “Buses should run later and be more frequent

  1. I agree. Moving from Manchester to Warrington some years ago, I was really surprised how difficult it was to travel by bus. I live near the A49 and assumed it would be a bus commuter route but I can’t get a bus earlier enough to get my train. Need to think of ways to create demand – more availability is one. Definitely should be a priority for environmental reasons – Warrington is very car based.

  2. One thing putting me off transport is prices and how unreliable they are. £5 for a return is a joke.
    If there were more later and earlier services they will be used by those who enjoy the night life and those who work late.
    I’m in favour for improving transport of Warrington

  3. Better bus services will help
    Warrington town centre re build and encourage the town Centre to be used for longer

  4. Agreed. Run smaller buses more often. I regularly see buses arriving in town less than a 3rd full. We effectively need a shuttle service, on the main thoroughfares at least. If this means passengers have to walk a little further to get to a stop then so be it. I think a cheaper more regular service would be an acceptable trade off.

    1. Hi Mark… Running smaller services would not work most of the time as bus services are run with the expectation of the bigger numbers. Passengers would prefer to sit on half full buses rather than standing on smaller services that are cramped. Running a cheaper service would also not work as it would be financial ruin for any company running it without some form of financial assistance from local and central goverment. A good solution would be to run later and earlier services, assess which services could benefit from the smaller buses and also look at reducing the care costs for students and children especially during term time to encourage bus travel rather than more cars on the road.

  5. How about Arrivaclick in S Liverpool or Tees flex , both newish demand led bus services .
    See The Guardian 19.2.20 p36
    Helping with evenings and group journeys too.

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