Business Enterprise Zone

Business Enterprise Zone (redevelopment of Theddlethorpe Gas Terminal Idea 1)
The site has a superb business office, road network, drainage, a range of buildings, street lighting, electrical distribution network in place and much more. This site would be ideal for compulsory purchase of land from National Grid & then form an agreement with the sites tenants to demolish only what is no longer required.
This site is an ideal, cost-effective Brownfield site redevelopment as an Enterprise Zone business park with easy transport links. The park could be used for Manufacturing, Warehouse distribution, home delivery depots as well as Bus Park, Overnight Lorry Park etc, proving future all year-round employment opportunities. Its future proofs expansion & with potential that cannot be delivered on Mablethorpe’s industrial estate. As an enterprise zone tax benefits can be used to encourage business to set up and provide jobs in this area. Full idea available details on request.

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