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In light of COVID we need to look anew at how investment is used. It’s likely that more work will be done from home which will reduce traffic in to town.

£25 million isn’t a large sum however my suggestions would be support/invest in ‘green tourism’, culture, public transport, small businesses.

Expand the cycling network and invest in the bus network. Consider park & ride.

Why do people move to Hereford? It’s not for the roads it’s for an improved lifestyle. Invest in the best the city has to offer, good, local food, the river, independent businesses. Expand tourism to support the local economy.

Support young entrepreneurs like the Burger Shop team and local artists and craft workers.

Invest in companies producing ‘green’ products eg solar panels.

Support small businesses to ‘go green’…install solar panels, reduce waste etc

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  1. You are absolutely right Pam! Herefordshire Council passed a motion yesterday to Build Back Better – its the perfect time to deliver a vision for Herefordshire that accepts Hereford as the mother city of the River Wye SAC and build on that tremendous asset that we have. The acquisition of Maylords shopping centre also gives us the perfect opportunity to boost startups and creative industries – given that we have such a wealth of creative talent in the city and county, a fabulous arts community and a fledgling university (still in the nest) – we can utilise all these assets to build something better for residents and visitors.

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