By Pass Needed NOW

Hereford is in desperate need of a by-pass – or a ring road that keeps non local traffic out of town. At present any traffic travelling north to south – or visa versa – travels directly through the City centre. Hereford is choked with traffic and this severely hampers local trade, tourism, new business location and general population well-being. Hereford has needed a road of this sort for the past 35 years but various Councils or Governments who have been in favour of it have been thwarted either by cost cutting or elections or other unrelated issues … NEVER by a lack of need and support from the local community.

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2 comments on “By Pass Needed NOW

  1. Too late. All the experts say the same – we have to change the way we travel and move around – newer bigger roads just bring more, not less traffic and even the local council admit that through traffic is just a small proportion of the issue in Hereford and the building of a bypass will increase, not decrease traffic, so other ways have to be found, and they can be – but not by building an out-dated bypass. We have to think ahead, and times have changed.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly. a Bypass is not the answer and we need to embrace forward thinking and sustainable change

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