A bypass should be built to reduce traffic through the city. Currently Hereford has one main road through the city (and one main bridge) which causes issues in rush hour. This has a lot of support already by many people in Herefordshire. Smaller towns have bypasses, why shouldn’t a city have one?

It’s beyond a joke now and the council is useless at making a decision as it will possibly go past their houses! So they keep passing the buck. This bypass has been in talks for over 10 years and millions of pounds have been spent aimlessly to make a decision. Yet it never comes.

Instead they invest in electric busses and better public transport. How is this transport supposed to help, when it takes an hour and a half to get 15 miles across the city. The busses will increase the traffic flow and would have to be consistent.

If you talk to anyone in the city, about transport, the first tiPod that comes to mind is a bypass.

It’s about time it’s done, since the city is expanding.

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