Boston has a terribly designed transport network. The main roads in and out of Boston converge in the centre, with only two ways to cross the river Haven/Witham. This is exacerbated by 9 active level crossings within the town alone (+1 less used freight crossing over the A16 Spalding Road, but is normally down for much longer.

Even though a large portion of the traffic apparently starts/ends within the town, traffic passing through has no choice but to travel right through the very centre of Boston. Given the geographic location + the amount of major roads merging/splitting in the town, surely it makes sense to divert it around to free the centre?
We also have a major regional A&E centre located NE of the town. If one of two ways is affected in *any* way, gridlock occurs, putting lives at risk and not helping the evironment with all the congestion.

The people of Boston have consistently requested a bypass for decades; the need is only strengthening as traffic worsens. Please act.

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